The 10 Hottest Industrial IoT Platforms Of 2020 – Litmus Edge

Litmus Edge is an industrial edge platform for the collection, analysis, management and integration of industrial data from a variety of sources. The vendor, Litmus, said Edge is the only platform that can connect to “all industrial assets,” whether they be PLC, SCADA, MES, historians, ERP systems or sensors. This connectivity is provided out of the box, with no programming needed, thanks to pre-built and pre-loaded device drivers. The platform’s data capabilities include data processing, normalization and storage as well as the ability to easily share data between the edge and the cloud or with any enterprise system. The platform comes with several pre-built key performance indicators for things like asset utilization, asset uptime and downtime and capacity utilization, and it also supports real-time alerts based on pre-defined events. The platform includes an app marketplace that makes it easy to deploy and manage apps, whether they’re provided by Litmus or other parties.

Blog Source: CRN