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“B2B Tech Start-Up Ecosystem & Corporate Accelerators”

About the Program

The NetApp Excellerator program is designed to help start-ups create innovative, world-class products and solutions that are market ready.

The program empowers startups to achieve breakthrough success by supporting them with world class technical and business mentorship by NetApp experts. The program also fosters deeper engagement for enhanced business alignment through paid proof of concepts jointly with NetApp, thereby enhancing the go-to-market opportunities for the startups.

With a three-fold objective, the NetApp Excellerator program will:

  • Focus on emerging technologies, market adjacencies and problem statements from business
  • Provide access to high-quality ideas, talent and solutions and enhance experimentation
  • Create evangelist start-up portfolio

Program Overview

Program Overview

At NetApp, we recognize that innovation never stands alone. This program enables start-ups to use NetApp expertise and its ecosystem of partners, subject-matter experts, and customers to realize the maximum potential of their innovative ideas.

Program Offerings

This four-month program helps start-ups develop cutting-edge products and solutions by providing them with an array of unique offerings.

Mentoring by successful entrepreneurs, senior industry leaders, and investors

Business Mentorship

Personalized learning program and mentoring by industry experts

Technology Mentorship

Targeted customer access for requirement analysis, proofs of concept, and demos on a case-by-case basis

Customer Access

Access to collaboration tools, productivity tools, and the NetApp software development kit (SDK)

Access to Tools

Investor connects for selected start-ups (if relevant)

Investor Connects

Coworking space in the NetApp Bangalore campus with access to campus amenities

Coworking Space

Access to NetApp ONTAP® cloud software and the remote help desk. Advice on business functions such as legal, tax and compliance, finance, marketing, and human resources.

Technology and Business Support

Equity-free grant of $15,000


Who Can Apply?

This program is intended for start-ups that want to explore NetApp expertise in the areas of the hybrid cloud, storage, and data management. We are looking for start-ups specializing in the cloud, the Internet of Things, big data and analytics, machine learning, virtualization, data security, data management, storage, and other related subjects.