Senseforth.ai raises $14 million for its conversational AI platform

Conversational AI startup Senseforth.ai has raised $14 million in a funding round led by Fractal Analytics.

A.ware by Senseforth.ai helps enterprises automate customer experience across digital touchpoints. The patented platform converges six specialized engines to identify user intent through natural language input. In addition, four analytics modules track user conversations, customer profiles, agent performance, and response time, among other parameters

A.ware’s other interesting features include pattern recognition, automatic metadata extraction, ticketing and routing, and multilingual API integration.

Aided by the new investment fund, Senseforth.ai aims to extend its services to Fractal’s global client base.

Senseforth CEO and co-founder Shridhar Marri stated, “This strategic investment creates a new growth blueprint for Senseforth.ai. We are thrilled to deliver on our vision ‘to make technology humanlike,’ enabling continuous Human-AI interaction and transforming complex business processes. We can now scale talent, accelerate growth, make more investments in R&D, and create incredible value for our clients.”

A unified customer experience management platform, A.ware also provides businesses with a “command center” to activate/deactivate bots, change access controls, perform updates, and more.

“Senseforth.ai’s founders Shridhar, Krishna and Ritesh have built a great team and a robust platform that’s deployed at scale with marquee clients like HDFC Bank. Senseforth’s technology is ahead of the competition, especially as evidenced by their performance benchmark on the leaderboard of Stanford Question Answering Dataset (SQuAD) 2.0. We are excited to partner with the Senseforth.ai team to contribute to their next phase of growth,” said Srikanth Velamakanni, Fractal’s co-founder, group chief executive, and vice-chairman.

Senseforth CTO and co-founder Ritesh Radhakrishnan added, “At Senseforth.ai, we have built A.ware, one of the most powerful and comprehensive Conversational AI Platforms in the market today. A.ware is already automating billions of conversations for enterprises across the world. This investment will help us further strengthen our technology foundation and scale our platform and products to become the undisputed market leader in the Conversational AI space.”

Blog Source: ITPro,FINSEMS