NetApp Excellerator Cohort 8: Meet 8 startups using data, cloud to power their impact across sectors

For State of Mind AI, an employee experience analytics solution, its cloud-first product helps one interact with end-users in real-time. “Leveraging the cloud also helps us scale our product performance on the fly while keeping data secure, safe, and protected. In addition, it helps us optimise costs as an early-stage startup,” shares Manoj Kumar, Founder, State of Mind AI.

Metabob, an AI company which has developed a tool to debug and visualise Python code, is dependent on using cloud-based solutions to gather and process training data. “We are a data-first company. The need to pipe data into the same locations as our training data is essential. So, leveraging cloud resources remains an essential part of our daily work,” shares Massi Genta, CEO, Metabob.

State of Mind AI and Metabob are among the eight startups which are a part of the NetApp Excellerator Cohort 8 and are leveraging the power of data and cloud solutions to drive impact across sectors and use cases. The other six startups under the latest cohort of NetApp’s global startup accelerator program are Nife, Tongadive, FireCompass, Data Sutram, Maxbyte and snapblocs. Nife, Tongadive, and Firecompass also form a part of the second cohort of NetApp ExcellerateHER – NetApp’s dedicated accelerator program that supports women entrepreneurs disrupting the technology space.

“Advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning have gotten businesses across the board excited about the limitless possibilities of these technologies when it comes to growth. However, scalable solutions that leverage these technologies in securing business insights are yet to be discovered. The startups participating in this year’s NetApp Excellerator Cohort 8 have showcased great ability in bridging this gap, and we are excited to be supporting their endeavors to unlock new gateways of growth across sectors,” shares Madhurima Agarwal, Leader, NetApp Excellerator.

Blog Source: Yourstory