NetApp helps 6 startups using AI and machine learning achive big

Bengaluru, Dec 12 (UNI) IT products that could revolutionise personal healthcare, help lawyers decode voluminous agreements and ensure safe driving are among the six startups that have been successfully handled by NetApp, a data authority on hybrid cloud. These six startups have graduated from the first Excellerator
Programme of NetApp that was designed to help enterprise startups to achieve their full potential through mentorship with one of NetApp’s largest research and development teams.
One of them, Scalend, has become an alliance Partner with NetApp itself to offer software to financial sector for enhancing their business using Artificial Intelligence. Operating from India and Singapore it already has six clients and with the help of NetApp
marketing skills aim to enhance its business.
Scalend Technologies CEO Ravi Madhira told newsmen here that the programme had helped the company to focus on market research and identify the right target market and target customers.
NetApp which held the first Excelerator demo programme today also exhibited the product of Light metrics, which has come out with a software driven camera that could enable drivers of vehicles to avoid accidents and drive safely. Its product had already been picked up by a trucking company in the US.
Similarly, Valuedge, is another startup which has for the first time come up with a data based products that could help legal firms and corporate entities to scan draft agreements in least time with voluminious agreements reduced to three page summary.
NetApp Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Indian operations, Deepak Visweswaraiah said that mentoring of startups have given a valuable learning experience as it allowed the company to reconnect with the startup that remain at heart. NetApp would provide them with best ecosystem to achieve success.
The six startup were selected from more than 250 startups that had applied for the programme which not only had a cash support of USD 15,000 each but also provided necessary technical, logistic and mentoring support to these six start ups.
The second programme has kicked up and applications have been sought from prospective start ups with the last day being January 19, Mr Visweswaraiah said.

News Source: UNI