Cohort 5: Sep'19 – Jan'20


A Humanlike Conversational AI Platform


Cloud Automation That Saves You 70% or more on Cloud Bills


AI powered Digital Risk Management


ML-powered log analytics solution

Curl Analytics

A product & solutions company with expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain & Robotics 

Cohort 4: Mar'19 – Jul'19

Securely Share

Trusted, Secure and Intelligent platform for delivery of sensitive data

Zappy AI

Cognitive Robotic Process Automation to implement RPA 30X faster


Smart Data Extraction from Documents

Ecolibrium Energy

Industrial IOT – Enables enterprises to improve efficiency using predictive analytics

Q NU Labs

Quantum-safe Internet and Cloud Security Company 


Platform to create secure AI models, train and deploy on a distributed network

Cohort 3: Sep '18 – Jan '19


CloudOptimo is an Intelligent Cloud Costs Optimization Platform which reduces the cost upto 80% while ensuring high availability and consistent performance



FirstHive is a Customer Data Platform that builds Unique Customer Identities by aggregating data from across all sources of customer interactions and customer transactions, and drives marketing ROI for consumer marketing focussed large enterprises.


InstaSafe® is a leading cloud-based Security-as-a-Service provider aimimg to make the internet safe, connected and open, by eliminating the gaps in the traditional network and security tools. helps Tertiary care hospitals to automate the high volume day to day patient interactions through an AI solution built with the medical intelligence of a physician, that guides patients autonomously and manages 80% of the hospital operations.

Uber Diagnostics

Cardiotrack is an IoT and AI based heart health diagnostics technology that is changing the way heart health care is delivered. This handheld 12-lead digital ECG device captures patients’ heart health information anywhere, anytime.


Accelerating growth by elevating data quality


Cohort 2: Feb '18 – Jun '18


Anlyz is a cyber security company that leverages data analytics to provide realtime visibility of security threats, enabling prediction, detection and prevention


ArchSaber is an intelligent diagnostic tool which helps DevOps teams instantly diagnose and quickly resolve cloud infrastructure issues


BlobCity believes in the power of data and enables businesses to make meaning from their data and perform advanced AI & ML without any formal data science training.

Dataken Technologies

Dataken reduces workloads of IT team management by augmenting AI & ML to their Network and Infrastructure Monitoring


Nanobi Data & Analytics

Nanobi delivers bottom line impact to its clients in the BFSI, healthcare and retail segments though analytical insights gained from its solutions which sit on top of its comprehensive and powerful LiquiData platform.

SigTuple Technologies

SigTuple leverages the power of robotics, data & artificial intelligence to deliver smart healthcare solutions and services.


Cohort 1: Aug '17 - Dec '17

Invicto Software Solutions Pvt.

Focused on automating IT infrastructure on a private cloud/VDI solution.


Helps enterprises manage and secure their SaaS applications.

Scalend Technologies

Uses AI/ML to generate insights by analyzing omnichannel data for BFSI only.


Enterprise SaaS solution that helps to search documents - JARVIS for enterprises.


Cross-platform, real-time video analysis to make driving safer and understand driver behavior better.

VitaCloud Digital Health Pvt.

Provides a solution to prevent, manage and reduce chronic health diseases by using data and analytics.